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Mindful History
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Mindful History
Mindful History
Mindful History
Mindful History
Mindful History
Mindful History

Mindful History

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The package includes: 

 A downloadable - printable copy of "Mindful History". 

 A 25% discount in all booklets and a special offer on "Mindful History Vol. 2"

 5 Creative Activities about History from the Booklet "Playful History". 


 On behalf of "History Shrink team" we present you this Activity Booklet  that will make your kids love History. Children completing this booklet will enjoy their time away from pc, tablet or TV and will definitely get inspired to be creative.  

"Mindful History" - booklet will make children love History and develop strong understanding of past periods, History figures and their own ability to do good. The focus of this digital booklet is the special features of each history figure.

"Mindful History" can help children acquire a good historical knowledge in an interesting way and at the same time, develop growth mindset skills through the inspiring stories of real History characters that can only be described as "SuperHeroes".

In this illustrated History-Booklet, children discover:
      • how to be creative
      • how to believe in themselves 
      • how to face challenges with confidence.
 In this Booklet you will find inspiring stories about:
  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Mother Teresa
  3. Martin Luther King  
  4. John Lennon
  5. Maya Angelou
  6. William Wilberforce
  7. Eleanor Roosevelt
  8. Thich Nhat Hanh


Every Character (chapter) has one unique feature that is presented, analysed and promoted through several activities.
Your children will practise unique activities: 
1. Resilience
2. Assertiveness
3. Imagination
4. Persistence
5. Compassion
6. Adaptability
8. Mindfulness
*There is a different chapter for every skill of the above list.

We have included only what can make them a better person, have a look for yourself:

(These are the first 18 pages of the book)



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             - 5 Creative activities about History

             - An Audio Book format of "Mindful History"