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Mindful History – How to help your child

Teaching history to children can be a fascinating and enriching experience. It's an opportunity to help them understand the world's past, gain perspective on current events, and develop critical thinking skills. Incorporating mindfulness into history lessons can further enhance their learning experience. Here are some tips on how to help your child with mindful history: Cultivate Curiosity: Encourage your child to approach history with curiosity and an open mind. Help them develop a sense of wonder and fascination with the stories, events, and people of the past. Encourage them to ask questions, explore different perspectives, and engage in discussions. Practice Mindful Observation: Teach your child to practice mindful observation when studying historical artifacts, documents, or images. Encourage them to use...

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10 Mindfulness TV Shows and Animations for Kids

A common challenge among parents is getting the right content for the kids’ screen time and blocking the harmful content from being accessed either intentionally or accidentally.  Statistics from KidsHealth Medical Experts show that kids will view 200,000 violent acts on television before they are 18 years old.  This article focuses on ten mindfulness kids’ TV shows and animation that will make screen time more fun and beneficial. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined as paying attention to what is going on by blocking distractions. The mental state of mindfulness requires a person to slow down and be calmly focused.  Almost all parents will relate to the struggle of unsuccessfully trying to get a kid to do something meaningful without...

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3 Incredibly Entertaining Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Kids of all ages can significantly benefit from practicing mindfulness. It can help them develop positive qualities like focus, curiosity, compassion, and empathy while also keeping them entertained. Mindfulness is the simple practice of embracing the present moment with an accepting, gentle attitude and bringing your attention to it. In children, it helps promote happiness and decrease anxiety. Studies show that mindfulness activities help increase focus, reduce stress, and improve academic performance in kids. By introducing kids to mindfulness practices, we can equip them to face the stresses of the world with presence, openness, and self-compassion from an early age. In recent years, mindfulness has gained lots of popularity. However, not many people discuss its potential in children's lives and...

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Universal Truths Hidden in Fairy Tales

Fairy tales appeared thousands of years ago in India and ancient China.  There are testimonies of fairy tales going back to the thirteenth century B.C. in ancient Egypt, while in ancient Greece fairy tales are referred to by Homer and Herodotus.  The fairy tale, an age old form of entertainment, has been the focus of interest of multiple and varied academic disciplines.  Folklorists, philologists, sociologists, historians, psychologists, educators, and even theologians have all approached the fairy tale from a different perspective, as a result of which a number of theories abound on the subject. Here we would like to focus on the psychological aspect of this intriguing topic.   The universality of fairy tales: What is justifiably interesting about fairy...

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Is Covid-19 your chance to change?

My beloved daughter,  I can totally understand what you mean. I had similar thoughts that everything will change after the lockdown and I still believe it in a way...But I can also see people rushing to go back to what they had before... It's like they had a nightmare and now it's over.These words: "I don't want that. I want to have a profound change." are your words and have such a power that you cannot imagine!I can understand the disappointment you might have once you realise that the world is returning to the same old situation it always was, but you see this is a perpetual pattern of human history… The majority always have the same feeling after wars and other...

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