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Body Road-Trip
open book brains anatomy and nervous system
child holds ipad and reading a digital biology book
Boy holding a biology book in front of his face
colored pencils with quotes to color
colorful information sheets about liver
colorful worksheets about lungs health
EFT tapping activity for kids: smile on your heart
girl lying down holding an ipad and wearing yellow headphones
kidneys info sheets on how to cleanse your kidneys
three coloring pages placed on a green table
two worksheet overlapping on a pink table
a framed poster about brain hanging on a wall
open book about liver detoxification
opened anatomy book about kidneys
paperback book opened a brain info sheet with circles
printable colorful activities about brain
three fun worksheets for kids on a green background
two biology info canvas in a living room with gray and blue couch
Body Road-Trip
Body Road-Trip
Body Road-Trip

Body Road-Trip

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The package includes:  

 A downloadable - printable copy of "Body - Road Trip".  

 An Audio Book Format of "Body - Road Trip".   

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 FREE bonus e-book of "The Time of Inventions".

"Body - Road Trip" is a detailed examination of body organs along with fun body activities and healthy practices for your child's well-being.

“Body Road-Trip" can help children acquire a good knowledge on how their body works in an interesting way and at the same time, develop healthy and growth mindset skills and habits that will aid them to lead a healthy life.

    In this booklet you will find inspiring and mindful information about:

    1. BRAIN
    2. HEART
    3. KIDNEYS
    4. LUNGS
    5. LIVER

    *there is a different chapter for every organ full of activities.


     We have included only what can make them a better person, have a look for yourself:



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                 - An Audio Book format of "Body - Road Trip"

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