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Body - Road Trip

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The package includes:  

 A downloadable - printable copy of "Body - Road Trip".  

 An Audio Book Format of "Body - Road Trip".   

 A 25% discount in all booklets of our website.

"Body - Road Trip" has a detailed examination of body's organs,  fun body activities and healthy practices for your child's well-being.

Οn behalf of "Τellus Μind team" we present you this activity booklet  that will make your kids understand how their body works and how they can be more mindful about their body organs. Children completing this booklet will enjoy their time away from pc, tablet or tv and will definitely get inspired to be creative and learn important information on ours body anatomy.

"Body Road-Trip" - booklet will make children love biology and develop strong understanding of the function of our body and how they can help their inner organs to stay healthy, hydrated, balanced and extremely functional.


“Body Road-Trip" can help children acquire a good knowledge on how their body works in an interesting way and at the same time, develop healthy and growth mindset skills and habits that will aid them to lead a healthy life.

In this illustrated Biology-booklet, children will discover:

  • how to be mindful with their body
  • how each of their inner organs work
  • how to face body-challenges with confidence.
  • how to believe in themselves in their body’s “magical” powers.


 In this booklet you will find inspiring stories about:

  1. BRAIN
  2. HEART
  3. Kidneys
  4. LUNGS
  5. LIVER

 *there is a different chapter for every organ full of activities.

Every organ (chapter) has one unique feature that is presented, analysed and promoted through several activities.

Your children will practise unique activities on: 

  1. healthy eating
  2. water drinking
  3. sleep activities
  4. self massage inner organs
  5. stress relief activities
  6. mindful body postures
  7. body exercise
  8. body awareness


If your children like our resources, then they will definitely love "Body - Road Trip". 


Get NOW your printable copy of "Body - Road Trip" - Booklet for only $10.90

BONUS - An Audio Book format of "Body - Road Trip"

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