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Mindfulness & Happiness Program
open book brains anatomy and nervous system
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colorful information sheets about liver
Mindfulness & Happiness Program
Mindfulness & Happiness Program
Mindfulness & Happiness Program
colorful worksheets about lungs health
EFT tapping activity for kids: smile on your heart
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Mindfulness & Happiness Program
Mindfulness & Happiness Program
kidneys info sheets on how to cleanse your kidneys
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open book about liver detoxification
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Mindfulness & Happiness Program
Mindfulness & Happiness Program
Mindfulness & Happiness Program

Mindfulness & Happiness Program

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Prepare to revolutionize your Sunday mornings with our groundbreaking program, designed to transform them into sessions of skill-building and personal growth.

Through our innovative Personal, Social, and Emotional Education (PSEE) activities, we transcend traditional teaching methods to equip children with the vital skills required to thrive in the face of Life challenges. 

Why Choose "Mindfulness & Happiness Program"?

Proven Results: Our strategies have helped countless families transform their children's lives, providing them with lifelong tools for emotional management.
Simple and Effective: Our online video tutorials and activities offer step-by-step guidance in a fun and engaging format, making it easy for children to learn and implement these strategies.
Embracing the Present: This program teaches children to focus on the present moment, enabling them to let go of the past and worries about the future.
Skill Building: Our program's activities are specifically designed to help children develop: Mindfulness, Resilience, Compassion, Generosity and Assertiveness.

The package includes:  

 A downloadable - printable copies of Activities that will change your kids perception.  

Monthly comprehensive online video tutorials with activities

 A 25% discount in all booklets of our website.

 FREE bonus e-books of our two best sellers

FREE to cancel any time!


Have a look on our first set of Activities:

"Body - Road Trip" is a detailed examination of body organs along with fun body activities and healthy practices for your child's well-being.

“Body Road-Trip" can help children acquire a good knowledge on how their body works in an interesting way and at the same time, develop healthy and growth mindset skills and habits that will aid them to lead a healthy life.

    In this booklet you will find inspiring and mindful information about:

    1. BRAIN
    2. HEART
    3. KIDNEYS
    4. LUNGS
    5. LIVER

    *there is a different chapter for every organ full of activities.


     We have included only what can make them a better person, have a look for yourself:



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